If you are interested in having the best sex possible.....then this site is for you!

"Saved Sex" is a counter-cultural rebellious website with ATTITUDE! Here you will find valuable information about sexual health that most other providers are not honest or brave enough to print.

SEX IS GREAT!...It is sooo much more than the mere act of intercourse which if your understanding of sex is reduced to that brief encounter alone it leaves one asking "Lovely , yes!....But is that all??

The physical act of sex is poetry in motion....it is a taste of heaven. But for men physical intimacy alone is like having a succulent steak alone with none of the trimmings..It could be better! For women it is like finding that perfect dress.....without the make-up or jewellery....Great, but so much is missing!


Sex is best appreciated when experienced in its multi-dimensional totality S-P-I-C-E

Know the facts! Sex is wonderful....but it is also a delicate, fragile aspect to our health that is in serious trouble. We are facing a pandemic of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) like never before. Young people are experiencing an explosion of STIs that is clearly made worse by the provision of even more condoms! Surprised? You should be! Did anyone ever tell you that condoms actually facilitate the spread of STIs and add to the growing sexula ill-health of our nation? Know the facts so that you can make healthy informed choices!

Furthermore.....did you know that oral contraceptives frequently work AFTER conception has occurred ? This means that newly conceived life is lost repeatedly, classifying the mechanism of action as Abortive rather than contraceptive.....click HERE for more information.

The Irish Stastics 2006 for STIs make for grim reading. This data is available to the public through the Health Service Executive (HSE) and we need to make cultural changes if we are to rescue our sexual health and protect thousands from sexual trauma.

Interested in looking after Your Sexual Health?....Here are some tips for you!

Read on....all you ever needed to know.....if only you knew what to ask!!

Question? What is the pregnancy rate for cohabiting adolescent women in the first year of contraceptive use?.....Click HERE to find out!

Interesting Audio presentations

1. "Contraception: Why Not," Professor Janet Smith's amazing, life-changing presentation, is available from www.omsoul.com
"The connectionProfessor Janet E. Smith between contraception and abortion is primarily this: contraception facilitates the kind of relationship and even the kind of attitudes and moral characters that are likely to lead to abortion."    -Professor Smith
Hear "Contraception: Why Not," from www.omsoul.com

2. The Link between Abortio and Breast Cancer - Joel Brind, PhD


For more information see The Breast Cancer Prevention Institutehttp://www.bcpinstitute.org

3. Harvard Expert Restates Support for Pope's Position Irish Times March 30

The Director of Harvard University’s HIV Prevention Research Project has repeated his support for Pope Benedict’s recent controversial claim that condom distribution was worsening the AIDS problem in Africa. More HERE.

4. Doctors talk to students about chastity

Dr. Groovy explains how condom promotion in Africa facilitates the spread of HIV and AIDS

5. The Morning After Pill - How does it work?